Why do I Quit Facebook?

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Since 1960, there has been improvement in communication. From  letters to telephones, from telephone calls to text messages then to video call. Social network of people changed when a company began its new life in 2004. It spread like Epidemic Virus. This company was called the Facebook that has more than 1.2 billion users. They wanted to bring all the people together for the sake of connecting. Facebook has effects on masses of people and this has changed the way people live and communicate with each other. 

Facebook, a time waster: 

While on Facebook and scrolling down through news feeds and status from friends, you are not aware of how much time you spend on viewing others events. It has become a disease to comment on anything that is shared. You think that you are using Facebook because it is your free time but instead you can use that time to care for yourself and you can spend that time learning something or doing your daily tasks.

Facebook can demotivate you:

When you see continuous posts by friends about parties or friends they see frequently. You might feel insecure or even feel as if you are a loser. Moreover, sharing every moment of your life is not important.

Facebook makes you deal with useless people:

Look at the number of friends you have on Facebook. How many of them are really good friends? Or how many of the friend requests you get are real people or your actual acquaintances? You have to admit that you have people on Facebook who are not related to you, but who would write to you once in a while and more than likely, you will answer to them. Thus, you waste not only your time, but also your energy.

It is the best time waster on internet that you may find. So please ask yourself once that do you learn something when you sit there scrolling for hours.

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